The Truth About Friends
the other day

my friend broke up with her boyfriend the other day and its been about a week or two and now shes upset because he is dating another girl again… this can go two ways ok she broke up with him or THAT ASS HOLE! but honestly if you where gonna get upset if he started dating again why the fuck break up with him HELLO so what do you think is it ok to date right after you break up or is there a waiting period or are women just fucking insane and need attention 



ever had that friend who…..

I gotta say where i live i have friends who are very clickyyy they have people who play a role like the one who spreads the rumors and ones who is friends with whoever they need to just because it benefits them oh and don’t forget the ones who bitch at senseless shit and your like bitch shut up…… but some how that translate to “please tell me more” but i wanna know in your group of friends whats going on who is that one who is in the group but you think shouldn’t   

The truth about friends

this is a blog about the truth about friends i got the idea because my friends are fuckin crazy and are always fighting so i decided to show the world and see what you think i want to know what you have to say about this because lets face it none of us have any fuckin life right so lets do it